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EEMOV professional camera stabilizer system

Reliable & Effective

Among the EEMOV stabilizers you can surely find the one that suits you best, whether it is for a small camcorder or professional broadcast services. The basic models can be supplemented with a colour LCD or TFT-screen, V-lock battery mount, remote controls and other applications.

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Its computer-aided design and the creative application of advanced manufacturing technology makes it one of the best price-performance products on the market.

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High Precision CNC metal parts


Laser cutted aluminium sheet parts


Upholstery works


Why eemov?

We are a group of innovative people with lots of independent filming experience that helped to develop the eemov® system. We believe that the spread of high-definition cameras will necessarily result an increase in the users' needs, thus a professional stabilized image quality at an affordable price will be enjoying great popularity in the amateur, semi-professional, independent filmmakers or event documentation circles.

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Professional 7" Display

Professional 7 inch display with SDI and HDMI connectors. Perfect for control monitor during shooting.

Tripod Stand

Lightweight and stable tripod for balancing and holding the stabilizer.

Professional V-lock Battery

14.4V, compact for monitor power supply. Two D-tap outputs support. 91 watt hours.

Balancing & Docking Bracket

Easy-to-use docking bracket for all eemov stabilizers. Perfect solution to balancing and holding the equipment.


Lightweight and durable flightcase. Waterproof design with wheels for the easiest and most effective transport.

Extra Balancing Weight Blocks

Extra weight block for the most effective balance for smaller cameras (DSLR, handycam, etc)

Professional HD Transmitter

Professional HD transmitter for real time shots in any kind of live shows or sports events.

Manfrotto 357 QR Plate

Professional quick release plate for the better and faster balance adjusting and operation. With industrial standart 1/4" Whithworth screws.

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